BLOXR Solutions is a USA manufacturer of proprietary scatter radiation protection products (“lead” aprons and attenuating hand cream). BLOXR® products are designed to reduce exposure for clinicians and patients through innovative applications of its patented technologies. Applicable to users in hospitals, surgical centers, cardiac cath labs, interventional radiology, orthopedics, radiology departments, imaging facilities, veterinary practices, dental offices or anywhere protection is needed. Find out more about our lead-free x-ray aprons and products.

Popular Items:

Reusable Facemask

  • Choose from 4 sizes: Adult, Small Adult/Teen, Child (age 7-12), Small Child (age 3-6)
  • Designed for extended use with no uncomfortable elastic behind the ears to avoid instances of skin irritation or cutting when worn for long periods of time. For those wanting earloops instead of ties, mask is easily modified (see video).
  • Now includes a cord lock for added adjustability and to prevent slippage of the mask.

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