The Science of XPF® Technology

Scatter radiation protection doesn’t have to be dirty, heavy or toxic. BLOXR® XPF® products provide lead-equivalent protection (standard 0.5 mm equivalent) at about half the weight of traditional lead with no compromise in protection across the full kVp spectrum.


Historically, lead has been used for shielding ever since X-ray protection came into being. Lead based products are heavy and difficult to clean. The weight can lead to user fatigue, back pain, lost work time and occupational injury claims. Since lead is prone to cracking it must be replaced and reordered often. Extreme care must be taken when handling and storing lead garments. Should a lead garment slip off a table and crack, it may be leaking radiation to the user from that moment until the next inspection. Disposing of lead is expensive and requires special handling as it is a toxic metal.

Lead Alternatives

Alternatives to 100% lead, such as garments made with antimony, tungsten and tin, are typically labeled lead-free or “light lead.” These contain toxic heavy metals and are susceptible to metal fatigue and damage from mishandling. Many provide only 0.25 mm or 0.35 mm lead equivalency. They are difficult to clean and, like lead, can absorb and retain odors and dirt from multiple users, making the garments unhygienic to use. Because these garments include heavy metals they require special, and costly, disposal methods. BLOXR XPF Technology provides an effective alternative that contains no lead or heavy metals.

BLOXR® XPF® Technology

BLOXR XPF garments feature a patented, lightweight bi-layer constructed of barium sulfate and bismuth oxide. This combination is uniquely designed to filter out the lower energy (the more harmful part of the X-ray beam) to provide maximum safety with reduced dose. Independently validated 0.5 mm Pb equivalent. XPF is lightweight, non-toxic and free of lead and heavy metals.

XPF garments are very durable and have a three year warranty against cracking.* Bend it, fold it or flex it; it will not crack or lose integrity (folded 1 million times in testing). XPF garments can even be cleaned in a washing machine. When not being worn, they can be conveniently folded or hung for storage. Once a garment comes to the end of its useful life, it can be disposed of without special consideration or removal costs, unlike garments made with lead and heavy metals.

BLOXR® XPF® garments are the smart choice for scatter radiation protection “lead” aprons. XPF is “greener” than aprons containing lead, tungsten and antimony. BLOXR aprons and garments do not contain toxic heavy metals. Receive the right protection, wear a greener, more comfortable product and benefit from a lower cost of ownership.

The Science Behind XPF Technology

BLOXR XPF has 510(k) clearance from the FDA. U.S. Patent #8754389 and #8993989. Made in the USA.

*Because barium and bismuth are used in powder form in a patented formula, there is no metal fatigue.