XPF® Bra Inserts

BLOXR® XPF® Bra Inserts provide 0.5 mm lead equivalent protection over the breast.

  • Minimizes scatter radiation exposure of the breast
  • Easily slips inside bra so it can be worn underneath the wearer’s standard radiation protection garment
  • Useful for those concerned about or at risk for breast cancer
  • Helpful in situations where the size of the radiation protection garment provided doesn’t adequately cover the chest area
  • Lined with a soft wicking material for comfort
  • Patented XPF® Technology contains no lead or heavy metals; non-toxic
  • 0.5mm lead equivalent protection
  • Can be machine washed and dried or wiped down for cleanliness
  • Available in standard cup sizes A through D
  • Sold as a pair – available in hot pink or black
  • Made in USA
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XPF Breast Protection Inserts