XPF® Thyroid Collars & Caps

Thyroid Collars

Eliminate heavy, uncomfortable and unhygienic lead based collars. Our XPF® Collars are lightweight and contains no heavy metals. The collar comfortably fits around the neck to protect over the thyroid area. Collars can be machine washed and wiped down.

  • Provides 0.5mm lead equivalency over the thyroid area
  • Patented XPF® Technology with a 3-year warranty
  • Machine washable
  • Fits comfortably around the neck
  • Secures in the back of the neck with Velcro-type hook and loop closures
  • Colors
  • Sizing and Options

High Neck Thyroid Collars


Minimize radiation exposure of the head and brain with effective, lightweight and ergonomic BLOXR® XPF® Attenuating Caps. Our caps provide the safety of 0.5mm lead equivalency against scatter radiation around the front and sides of the head. The cap is durable and machine washable.

  • Minimizes radiation exposure to the brain
  • Patented XPF® Technology
  • 0.5mm lead equivalency protection around the front and sides of the head
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Wicking material inside cap and mesh top provide maximum comfort
  • Machine washable
  • Ties securely in back
  • Colors
  • Sizing and Options

Disposable Collars and Caps

BLOXR® XPF® Attenuating Thyroid Collars and Caps are available in a disposable version.

  • 0.5mm lead equivalency
  • Fabric is lightweight, soft polypropylene
  • Not cleanable, limited use.
  • Caps and collars sold separately, 12 per bag
  • Sizing