Radiation Protection Standards

Scatter Radiation Protection options for Cone Health from BLOXR Solutions

XPF® Frontal Apron

XPF® Wrap Apron

XPF® Vest & Skirt

XPF® Thyroid Collar

XPF® Attenuating Cap

Available Colors for garments

A complete line of protective eyewear is also available.

BLOXR XPF Garments are long lasting, washable, made in the USA and have a 3-year warranty against cracking. The patented design contains no lead or heavy metals, making BLOXR garments environmentally friendly without the need for special disposal after service life. Aprons are lightweight, comfortable to wear and provide lead equivalency of 0.5mm Pb (not 0.25 or 0.35). No hanging requirements. Other fabrics and styles are available if you wish to purchase your own garment.

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